C'mon, Let Banksy Wear a Monkey Mask at the Oscars

C'mon, Let Banksy Wear a Monkey Mask at the Oscars

Feb 18, 2011

So you know that documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop -- directed by the popular (and elusive, and mysterious) street artist Banksy -- and how it's nominated for an Oscar, right? Problem is, no one knows what Banksy looks like, because that would royally screw things up for the guy -- not just because a lot of what he does is illegal, but also because he's more popular because we don't know his identity. If we knew he was just some average-looking skinny dude from London, that would make his whole story a lot less interesting.

Now what do you do with a guy who can't reveal his identity should he actually win the Oscar he's nominated for? Well, Banksy wanted to wear a monkey mask on stage so that no one could see his face. Sounds fun and weird and completely absurd, but this is the Oscars, whose very existence is just as absurd as a guy wearing a money mask.

Unfortunately, the monkey mask ain't flying with the folks over at the Academy, as they've told Banksy's "people" that he won't be allowed to wear the monkey mask should he win the Oscar. Unfortunate for us, sure, since it takes a good 3 bottles of wine to get through all 17 hours of the Oscars as is, and a little monkey mask hilarity could've gone a long way in winning our attention. That said, it is kind of hilariously ironic to see a guy who's on the verge of his greatest accomplishment, and yet he can't physically accept the accomplishment because he's built a career on people not knowing what he looks like.

Yeah, that's funnier than the monkey mask.

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