Clive Barker Gives Early Hints on 'Abarat' Movie and 'Nightbreed' Cable Series

Clive Barker Gives Early Hints on 'Abarat' Movie and 'Nightbreed' Cable Series

Mar 29, 2012

One creator who certainly keeps tabs on the adaptations made from his books is Mr. Clive Barker. (Not long ago he ragged on the most recent Hellraiser sequel, and rather fittingly in my opinion.) But a recent interview with the prolific artist yielded two small but very interesting pieces of good news:

1. There definitely are producers out there who want to turn Barker's Abarat series into a movie or two: "very large scale, very expensive and very visual and, boy, Abarat is going to be, I think, a very different kind of movie," says the author. He also assures his fans that Disney will not be involved. Heh.

2. The 1990 feature Nightbreed, which Barker wrote and directed (based on his own story, "Cabal"), may soon become a cable series with lots of sex and violence and horror. Says the man himself: "We are also actively in conversation about doing a Nightbreed television series which will be for cable, so it will have a chance to be as sexy or as graphic in terms of the violence as we need it to be." He also makes the rather astute assertion that Nightbreed may have been a little ahead of its time, whereas nowadays we seem to have no problem accepting hideous monsters as heroes, anti-heroes, and characters worthy of some sympathy.

Me, I'm still waiting for an adaptation of Barker's stunning short story "In the Hills, the Cities." Pure nightmare fuel, that one.

For the full interview, which covers a lot more than these two titles and is quite excellent, check Mr. Barker's "Revelations" blog right here.

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