Clash of the Titans 2 To Be Converted Into 3D

Clash of the Titans 2 To Be Converted Into 3D

Feb 24, 2011

  • Because It Worked So Well The Last Time. As if they didn’t learn their lesson the first time around, the suits behind the Clash of the Titans sequel, Wrath of the Titans, have decided to forego shooting the movie in 3D and instead, yes, convert it after it’s been shot. Director Jonathan Liebesman says that while deciding to go for a grittier Gladiator-like feel for the Sam Worthington sequel, he felt that digital cameras offered him the best opportunity to capture his vision. Hesitant to go through the conversion process, the suits at Warner Bros. convinced him by showing him how much the conversion technology has advanced in the past few years. So is anybody even remotely interested in seeing this movie in 3D, or, for that matter, the sequel itself? --Derrick Deane

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