Cine Latino: Rodrigo Santoro on 'Expecting'; 'Zorro Reborn' Gets Director; Penélope Cruz Heads 'To Rome with Love' (Images)

Cine Latino: Rodrigo Santoro on 'Expecting'; 'Zorro Reborn' Gets Director; Penélope Cruz Heads 'To Rome with Love' (Images)

Mar 23, 2012

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Move over Jennifer Lopez, Rodrigo Santoro is the new hottie in town. The Brazilian actor plays J.Lo’s husband in the upcoming comedy What To Expect When You’re Expecting. Based on the popular pregnancy guidebook, the film follows five couples, four already with children. Santoro will play a music exec not quite sure about having a child, but goes along with his wife’s plans to adopt one.

The film also stars Cameron Diaz, Chris Rock, Elizabeth Banks, Dennis Quaid and Rob Huebel. Lionsgate already released a trailer that showcases the ladies in the film, but their newest trailer focuses on the “dudes group” where Santoro learns there’s absolutely no judging allowed.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting will hit theaters May 18.

Gael García Bernal made headlines when news broke of his latest role as Zorro in Fox’s Zorro Reborn. Still in its early stages, the film will be a futuristic reboot of the classic Zorro tale. Reports have surfaced that Peruvian director Ricardo de Montreuil is set to direct a screen test for Reborn. In case you’re not familiar with Montreuil’s work, his short film The Raven is what put him on the map (see clip below).  The iconic Zorro character was last played by Antonio Banderas in Martin Campbell's 2005 pic The Legend of Zorro.

Will you be watching Gael Garcia Bernal as Zorro? I certainly can’t wait.

A few weeks ago we shared images of Penélope Cruz on the set of Twice Born (Venuto al mondo) with Emile Hirsch. In Born she plays an Italian single mother living in Rome. Well, Cruz is apparently wild about Italy because her next film project is also being shot in Italy for Woody Allen’s To Rome with Love, previously called The Bop Decameron and Nero Fiddled. The film follows a number of people in Italy, some American, some Italian, and their romances, adventures and predicaments in true Woody Allen fashion. Check out the images below.

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