Cine Latino: ¡Qué Viva Twitter! Latino Stars #MakingADifference

Cine Latino: ¡Qué Viva Twitter! Latino Stars #MakingADifference

Dec 09, 2011

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Some 300 million Twitter users to date share news, ideas and promote dialogue every day, and celebrities' tweets are no different--if higher-profile--than most of ours. And while there are many celebs that use the site to talk about their latest breakup, there are those that are using Twitter to bring social awareness. Here’s a roundup of our favorite stars making a difference through Twitter. If you’re not following them already, get to it!

Eva Longoria@EvaLongoria – Her Twitter profile description says it all, “Actress, Activist, and Philanthropist.” With over 2.5 million followers Eva Longoria is able to advocate for an array of charities especially those helping children and the Latino community. For the past nine years she’s supported Padres Contra El Cancer, created her own foundation The Eva Longoria Fund and Eva’s Heroes, she’s teamed up with the Make-a-Wish-Foundation, MALDEF and NCLR. And if you’re looking for entertainment Longoria tweets tons of photos.

@diegoluna_ – You can finally find this Mexican heartthrob on Twitter. Diego Luna, known for his dramatic and comedic roles, is using Twitter as a public platform to denounce illegal gun smuggling to Mexico and child pornography. With over 770,000 followers the father of two also tweets about his day-to-day activities from his recent play performance in Homer’s Iliad to raving about his fave local eateries.

Gael Gacia@GaelGarciaB – Whether he’s tweeting about his disagreement with Manny Pacquiao’s win over Marquez, or calling out Diego Luna for not answering his phone, Gael Garcia Bernal is an avid news junkie informing his followers on the latest corruption scandals in Mexico. Recently he promoted Movimiento por la Paz (Movement for Peace), a series of vigils in Mexico commemorating the deaths of 50,000 people killed as a result of organized crime over the last five years.

@rosariodawson – Singer, writer, actress Rosario Dawson is known for her extensive charity work and she’s quick to boast about it on her Twitter page. Her latest project is The Beauty Book of Brain Cancer, a hardcover book featuring over 120 celebs with proceeds going to brain cancer research. While she may only be at about 207,588 followers, her page is flooded with messages from supportive fans, who even start Twitter trends based on her film work (#sevenpounds) and philanthropies like TEDxWomen, Voto Latino, Global Cool and others.

@georgelopez – Working closely with CNN Heroes, actor and comedian George Lopez took to Twitter in support of @LADreamCenter, a volunteer driven organization offering residential rehabilitation programs for teens and adults, shelter for victims of human trafficking and homeless families among other services. The comedian also encourages the Latino vote. A loyal supporter of President Barack Obama, he recently tweeted a message to Mitt Romney, “@georgelopez: Orale @MittRomney a message someone bi-lingual can translate for you. F T P. !!”. Enough said.

Sofia Vergara@SofiaVergara – The Colombian star began her career long ago as a Spanish- speaking television host who slowly ascended to stardom. Counting her blessings, Sofia Vergara has been giving back to the community by raising awareness and supporting different cause like Teleton Educador, Latina Smart Fund, The Beauty Book of Brain Cancer, GLAAD, Stand Up to Cancer and NALIP. The great thing about her Twitter page is that she truly allows fans to step into her world with candid pictures and personal tweets to fans. She’s currently promoting #12DaysofSofia awarding followers with tons of goodies.

@edwardjolmos Edward James Olmos, an iconic figure within the Latino community, is known for being a vigorous social activist. He co-founded the Los Angeles International Film Festival and Latino Literacy Now. Olmos has pretty much turned his Twitter page into a hub for all things Waterkeeper Alliance, an organization dedicated to protecting watersheds around the world. A daily tweet looks like this, “@edwardjolmos: 400 to go to hit 15,000 for @Waterkeeper. The odds are against it, but I know we can do it for clean water! So says @Waterkeeper.” For more information visit, www.

Zoe Saldana@zoesaldana – The gorgeous Zoe Saldana focuses on empowering others and she takes to twitter to spread encouragement. She recently tweeted her support for The Trevor Project, a national organization that provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services, as well as for The Children’s Defense Fund Leave No Child Behind and The Los Angeles Mission. When she’s not promoting a charity she’s posting inspirational quotes: “@zoesaldana: ‘You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.’ – Buddha”. She recently directed a short film, Kaylien -- for every view it gets @glamourmag will donate to @Actorsforautism. Click here to view.

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