Cine Latino: From Colombia to Argentina, Fantastic Fest Shines the Spotlight on Eight Hispanic Films

Cine Latino: From Colombia to Argentina, Fantastic Fest Shines the Spotlight on Eight Hispanic Films

Sep 23, 2011

Cine Latino covers, well, all things relating to Latino culture and the movies, every Friday.

Fantastic Fest is in full swing over at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas (Sep. 22-Sep. 29) and film fans are already buzzing about some of their favs from Human Centipede 2 to Boys on the Run. But with such an extensive film roster being showcased we decided to highlight a few films making their world premieres at FF from Latin America to South America.

Cine LatinoExtraterrestrial
Spanish director Nacho Vigalondo returns to Fantastic Fest with his second feature film Extraterrestrial. This sci-fi comedy focuses on four people who appear to be the only survivors of an alien invasion.  As they struggle to understand what’s actually happening around them they’re forced to find a way to survive mainly each other.
Screenings: Fri., Sep. 23 and Tue., Sep. 27.

Juan of the Dead
Juan of the Dead
takes the typical zombie infestation story to the next level by injecting Cuban humor, politics and music into the film. It’s undoubtedly inspired by George Romero’s Shaun of the Dead with kills that are often, if not always hilarious. The story is set 50 years after the Cuban Revolution with a lazy, procrastinating hero.
Screenings: Fri., Sep. 23 and Mon., Sep. 26

The Squad
In the foggy mountains of Colombia, nine soldiers trek through muddy terrain in search of a base they believe has been invaded by guerrillas. Upon arriving they find a pile of dead bodies, a series of ritualistic markings and a traumatized survivor.  Cut off from the outside world the soldiers must find a way to escape.
Screenings: Mon., Sep 26.

Cine LatinoPenumbra
Writer-director Adrian Garcia Bogliano is quite popular on the festival circuit. Earlier this year the Argentinean filmmaker created some buzz at SXSW with his feature film Cold Sweat (Sudor Frio) and now he’s back for possibly more praise for his film Penumbra. The horror follows Marga, a high-powered attorney who needs to rent out her apartment. But her life is about to change when a wealthy potential tenant steps into her life.
Screenings: Sun., Sep. 25

El Narco
Depicting contemporary life in Mexico, this dark satirical commentary was created by director Luis Estrada, who made the film in celebration of Mexico’s bicentennial independence anniversary. No topic is off-limits for Estrada as he addresses gangs, drug violence, and political corruption in a bold fashion. Damián Alcázar stars as Benjamin, a recent deportee from the U.S. left in Mexico with no family or contacts. He meets a local crime lord who transforms him into El Benny, a gangster who lives on a diet of sex, dope, and murder.
Screenings: Fri., Sep. 23 and Sat., Sep. 24

Cine LatinoPolvora Negra
Inspired by revenge plots of classic Spaghetti Westerns, first-time director Kapel Furman delivers a gritty and violent film in Polvora Negra. The plot goes a little like this: a man is hunted down and left for dead. Years later he returns, hired as a hitman by the same criminals who gunned him down.
Screenings: Mon., Sep. 26

Sleep Tight
Director Jaume Balagueró (Rec, Rec 2) returns to Fantastic Fest with a Hitchcockian-like thriller Sleep Tight. Centered in an apartment building in Barcelona, Cesar a diligent doorman gets nothing but sheer joy whenever he sees one resident in particular, Clara. Little does she know that his kindness is really fuelled by a dark obsession that’s about to unravel.
Screenings: Fri., Sep. 23 and Wed., Sep. 28

Elite Squad: The Enemy Within
In the slums of Rio de Janeiro, dirty cops and corrupt politicians gain notoriety by capitalizing on the vulnerable weak and poor. Two men join forces to peel back the layers of corruption in pursuit of the truth.
Screenings: Sun., Sep. 25 and Mon., Sep. 26

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