Cine Latino: As the Election Draws Near, 9 Stars Who Want to Rock the Vote (Video)

Cine Latino: As the Election Draws Near, 9 Stars Who Want to Rock the Vote (Video)

Oct 12, 2012

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With Hispanic Heritage Month coming to an end on Monday, October 15, we decided to highlight a few Hollywood stars that are actively trying to make a difference by promoting positive Hispanic images in today's media culture and/or inspiring Latinos to find their voice and vote this election season.  

Robert Rodriguez on achieving his American Dream in Hollywood:

"I never thought I would be a filmmaker. I found that when I got to Hollywood there just weren't any Latin actors so I had to go make my own stars… get my own Salma Hayek."

Wilmer Valderrama on changing the world:

"The word 'immigration' is not an actual negative term. It's actually a gift."

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Paul Rodríguez on education for undocumented students and courting the Latino vote:

"It is illegal to come into this country without the proper channels… anytime you break the law there are consequences. You cannot get an education before my son does, I'm sorry. My son will have to go first then if there's anything left your child will go first. "

Eva Longoria at the Democratic National Convention 2012:

"I changed oil at a mechanic shop, I flipped burgers at Wendy's, I taught aerobics and I worked on campus to pay my school loans…"

Rosario Dawson and America Ferrera talk Voto Latino:

Rosario Dawson on "One Billion Rising" Campaign:

"I am from New York, I am an actress… and I am rising because acid attacks are becoming prevalent in Colombia. I am rising because of child brides in India. I am rising because of girls that are getting raped on their way to class. I am rising because I am a woman, because I am a human and I am rising because it's about time."

Rosie Perez and Oscar Isaac on Education Reform:

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