Cine Latino: 2012 Tribeca Film Festival Gets Physical with ‘Babygirl’, ‘Una Noche’, ‘As Luck Would Have It’ and More

Cine Latino: 2012 Tribeca Film Festival Gets Physical with ‘Babygirl’, ‘Una Noche’, ‘As Luck Would Have It’ and More

Apr 20, 2012

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This year’s Tribeca Film Festival has an outstanding Latino movie lineup. The 2012 film selection includes feature films from 32 different countries, including Brazil, Argentina, Spain and Mexico. We’ve selected the cream of the top with performances by Oscar Isaac, Salma Hayek, Mario Casas and many more so grab your tickets and get going. The 11th edition of the Festival started on April 18 and will end April 29 at locations around New York City.

As Luck Would Have It (La Chispa de la Vida)
Director: Alex de la Iglesia
This satirical melodrama explores the greedy nature between the media and public consumption. Roberto (José Mota) has been out of work for a long time. The once popular ad exec can’t catch a break, until a freak accident puts him at the center of a media frenzy, he hires an agent to help him cash in on his life-or-death situation. Roberto’s loving wife (Salma Hayek) tries to convince him he’s worth more alive than dead.

Screenings: TUE 4/24 6:30 PM SVA-1 | WED 4/25 3:00 PM AV7-1 | THU 4/26 8:30 PM AV7-3 | FRI 4/27 3:45 PM CCC-8

Macdara Vallely
According to director Macdara Vallely, Yainis Ynoa is one young star in the making. She plays the lead role in Vallely’s Babygirl, as a teenage girl living in the Bronx trying to escape her torturous reality. After watching her mom waste her life with deadbeat men, Lena is out to expose her mom’s latest affair for hitting on her but her plan takes an unfortunate turn. Babygirl, Valley’s second feature film, will be making its world premiere at Tribeca.

Screenings: SAT 4/21 12:00 PM AV7-1 |FRI 4/27 9:00 PM CCC-7

All In  (La Suerte en Tus Manos)
Director: Daniel Burman
Argentinian director Daniel Burman crafts a funny and poignant love story in All In. After a failed marriage, professional poker player Uriel has been trying to grow his online gambling business and help raise his kids. But the recent divorcee is rapidly taking on the playboy lifestyle, but as luck would have it he runs into an old love and tries to rekindle the romance.

Screening: FRI 4/20 8:30 PM SVA-2 | SAT 4/21 3:45 PM CCC-8 | THU 4/26 9:30 PM CCC-6 | FRI 4/27 9:30 PM CCC-6

Una Noche
Director: Lucy Mulloy
Bienvenidos a Miami! Not so fast. Cuban teens Raul and Elio are more than eager to leave their catering jobs and start a new life in Miami. When Raul is accused of assaulting a foreigner he has no choice but to flee. Elio finds himself torn between trying to follow his dreams and leaving his sister behind. Una Noche captures the relentless energy among Cuban teens as they come to terms on whether or not they should jump into treacherous waters to Miami.

Screenings: FRI 4/20 7:00 PM CCC-5 | TUE 4/24 3:45 PM CCC-8 | FRI 4/27 5:30 PM CCC-4

Cao Hamburger
Set in Brazil in the early 1940s, three brothers go on an expedition where they encounter the Xingu Indians. Captivated by their rich culture the brothers decide to protect the indigenous people and their culture against corrupt national forces.

Screening: SAT 4/21 9:30 PM CCC-6 | MON 4/23 3:00 PM AV7-1 | TUE 4/24 4:00 PM CCC-5 | SAT 4/28 7:00 PM CCC-5

Unit 7
Alberto Rodriguez | Spain
Mario Casas stars in Alberto Rodriguez’s thriller Unit 7. The film follows a group of police officers who are tasked with dismantling a major trafficking ring. Willing to get the job done they step outside the bounds of the law but with corruption comes betrayal and the unit will soon be put to the test.

Screening: FRI 4/20 5:30 PM SVA-2 | SUN 4/22 10:00 PM CCC-5 | TUE 4/24 11:30 AM AV7-3 | WED 4/25 10:00 PM CCC-5

The Girl
David Riker
From the director of La Ciudad comes a moving drama about a single mother (Abbie Cornish) unable to cope after losing her job and custody of her son. Desperate to earn cash for her custody battle, she decides to help smuggle illegal immigrants over the border. Her life comes to a pivotal turning point when she meets a young Mexican girl.

Screening: FRI 4/20 6:30 PM SVA-1 | SUN 4/22 6:00 PM AV7-1 | TUE 4/24 5:30 PM AV7-3 | SAT 4/28 8:30 PM SVA-2

Revenge for Jolly!
Chadd Harbold
Known for playing tough guys, Guatemalan-born Oscar Isaac (W.E.) switched things up a bit in Revenge for Jolly! The story goes like this: Harry (Brian Petsos) will stop at nothing to avenge the death of his beloved dog, Jolly. So he enlists the help of his demented cousin (Isaac) to track down his dog’s murderer. Elijah Wood, Kristen Wiig, Adam Brody, Ryan Phillippe, Bobby Moynihan, Kevin Corrigan, Amy Siemetz, and Garret Dillahunt all stand between Harry and revenge for Jolly.

Screening: SAT 4/21 9:00 PM CCC-7 | SUN 4/22 10:30 PM CCC-9 | SAT 4/28 11:30 PM AV7-3

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