Is CinderLeia This Year's Sexiest Movie-Related Halloween Costume?

Is CinderLeia This Year's Sexiest Movie-Related Halloween Costume?

Oct 31, 2013

Happy Halloween! For the rest of today we'll be celebrating one of our favorite holidays by posting the sorts of things that make sense for this gloriously spook-ified day. Some new, some old, but all of it worth checking out. 

These days you can turn anything into a sexy Halloween costume by making it short and tight with a twist of sleazy. Think of a character, a celebrity, an event or even a household item and there's probably a sexy Halloween costume for it. Sexy garbage can costume? Yup, it exists. So in a world where just about anything can be turned into a sexy Halloween costume, it definitely takes some smarts and creativity to stand out from the pack.

Here's one sexy Halloween costume from this year that's won over our interests. Instead of going as just another Slave Leia for Halloween, Kat Curtis decided to change things up by combining Star Wars (or, well, a few specific scenes from Return of the Jedi) and a Disney princess for an outfit she's calling CinderLeia. Curtis took all the important features that make up both a quality Cinderella costume and a Slave Leia costume and out popped this sexy concoction that's inventive, topical and way more beautiful than it is cheap and sleazy.

Congrats Ms. Curtis! In our opinion you win this year's sexiest movie-related costume. And if you think you've found one that beats this, drop us a line in the comments.





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