Sequel Updates: 'Chronicle' Flies Toward a Second Installment; 'Halloween 3' Fades into the Shadows

Sequel Updates: 'Chronicle' Flies Toward a Second Installment; 'Halloween 3' Fades into the Shadows

Mar 08, 2012

Chronicle posterTime for a sequel update – today we’re covering two films, moving in opposite directions.

First, the positive: Josh Trank’s found footage superhero film Chronicle, which has already cracked the $100 million box office mark, is set to get a sequel.

ComingSoon reports that Max Landis (son of filmmaker John Landis and author of the first film’s screenplay) has signed on to write a follow up to the hit film – which chronicles the lives of three high school students who discover they have super powers, and how those powers bring out their dark sides.

No word on whether or not Trank will return to direct, but the latest rumors have him tackling a different comic book project, Marvel’s attempt to bring Spider-Man villain Venom to the big screen.

Meanwhile, The much discussed third film in the rebooted Halloween franchise is once again in limbo according to STYD.

Dimension’s latest installment in the Michael Myers saga has been kicking around Hollywood since shortly after the release of Rob Zombie’s Halloween II, but still has yet to find traction. Reports last year assured horror fans that the film would hit theaters in October of 2012, but new developments (apparently the lack of a script, for starters) have bumped the project from the release schedule completely.

Drive Angry’s Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer were attached to Halloween 3 at one point, but Dimension then decided to move in a different direction. It looks like this franchise may be dead in the water. 

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