Forget Zach Braff! Help This Teenager Build a Christopher Walken T. Rex

Forget Zach Braff! Help This Teenager Build a Christopher Walken T. Rex

Apr 25, 2013

One of the benefits of having a ridiculously high-profile, celebrity-backed project on a site like Kickstarter or Indiegogo is that it brings more attention to the smaller, more personal projects that people who aren't Zach Braff are trying to find additional funding for. Take, for example, the 16 year old from New York City who'd like to build a 13-foot T. rex with Christopher Walken's head. 

Say what?

From his Indiegogo page, where he's already raised $1,700 (with an original goal of $750): "I have always been interested in artistic pursuits. I was inspired to design and build this piece after watching the movie Queen of Versailes. I saw how rich those kids were, and their lack of creation with all that money. I decided if I could get that much money I would make something great. The Walken Rex was originally thought of by a friend of mine, we are not completely sure where he got the idea from, but it seemed like the perfect thing to build."

So while you debate whether to hand over your hard-earned cash to Zach Braff so he can make another Garden State-esque movie for guys looking to find themselves in their 30s, know that there's also a teenager from Manhattan who could use that money to build a tyrannosaurus rex with the head of Christopher Walken. 

Choose wisely... [via Gothamist]

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