Christopher Walken Hosts a Cooking Show and It's Awesome

Christopher Walken Hosts a Cooking Show and It's Awesome

Oct 04, 2012

The unfortunate part of this video is that it was cooked up by the mad geniuses over at Funny or Die, meaning we won't be seeing a Christopher Walken-hosted cooking show arriving on the Food Network anytime soon. That said, we'll live with one brief six-minute episode because not only does it prove that you can have Walken do pretty much anything and it'll be entertaining, but also because you may get a nifty recipe out of it. 

Here, Walken is joined by Richard Belzer and two female assistants who look like they just walked out of Robert Palmer's "Addicted to Love" music video. The concept: Walken and Belzer pick up some food, randomly go to a petting zoo and then return home to make dinner. Along the way we get some decent banter, including one part where Walken and Belzer criticize the fact that Citizen Kane was bumped out of the number one spot on Sight & Sound's "Top Films of All Time" list. 

Check out "Cooking with Walken" below. We definitely want more episodes, but now we're hungry... for more Walken, that is! [via Vulture]

Fun Factoid: According to our own John Gholson, Walken actually pitched a cooking show about 10 years ago where it would've been like a Pee-wee's Playhouse meets cooking. Unfortunately, the Food Network turned it down. 


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