Christopher Nolan Rumored to Take Over 'Justice League;' Christian Bale to Star as Batman?

Christopher Nolan Rumored to Take Over 'Justice League;' Christian Bale to Star as Batman?

Mar 04, 2013

It's no secret that Warner Bros. has had trouble assembling a Justice League movie that not only works but helps give it a mega-lucrative ongoing franchise that's not unlike the one Disney and Marvel are building with The Avengers. One version of Justice League directed by George Miller was already killed prior to the current superhero boom, and various scripts for a new Justice League haven't been up to snuff. So, with the studio in a bit of a pickle, it would appear it is throwing the bank at Christopher Nolan (we literally imagine some muscled guy handing an entire bank to the filmmaker) in the hopes he'll do what he did with Zack Snyder's Man of Steel and help "godfather" the studio's Justice League movie.

According to those mad scoopers at Latino Review, Nolan has been handed the keys to Justice League with the possibility that his involvement will help bring Christian Bale out of Batman retirement so he can reprise the role next to Henry Cavill's Superman. Yup, word is Man of Steel has been extremely well-received at the studio, to the point that Warner Bros. may use it to springboard Justice League with Cavill starring and Zack Snyder potentially directing. 

It's a big rumor, but it makes sense. The Dark Knight franchise was a game changer for Warner Bros. and comic book movies, and it would be dumb for the studio to let Christopher Nolan go now when it needs him the most. If Disney has its one-two punch in Joss Whedon (The Avengers) and J.J. Abrams (Star Wars), then Warners may find its all-star team in Nolan and Snyder, with David Goyer potentially overseeing scripting duties.

Definitely a sign of fun things to come if true, but keep in mind that no deals are signed yet and there's no workable script, from what we've heard. There's also no word on how Warner Bros. would work in the other Justice League heroes, or who would play them. Will Ryan Reynolds return as Green Lantern? Will any of them get a solo movie before Justice League? And how would Bale's involvement in Justice League impact the future of that franchise when it comes to the next Batman solo movie?

Still lots to figure out, but plenty to chew on for now. What say you? Is this a step in the right direction for Warner Bros.?

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