Is This What Christopher Nolan's James Bond Movie Would Look Like?

Is This What Christopher Nolan's James Bond Movie Would Look Like?

Jul 02, 2012

With Christopher Nolan finishing work on his Batman trilogy, there's obviously talk of what the director will move on to next. In the past he had shown interest in directing a James Bond movie, but has always noted that everything would have to fit into place perfectly for that to happen. Well, if Skyfall were Daniel Craig's last James Bond movie (we don't know that it will be, though there's a chance), and Nolan is given a shot at introducing a new Bond (say, Michael Fassbender), then this fan trailer may give us a taste of what that combo would look like. 


While it's a little too Batman-centric, we really like Fassbender in the role of Bond. In order to get Nolan to do it, however, we feel it'd have to be a situation like the one outlined above. We feel Nolan would have to introduce a new Bond, and perhaps introduce a new direction for the franchise in order to make it worth his while and our time. What do you think?

[via Movieline

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