Christopher Nolan Has Been Asked to Direct the Next James Bond Movie

Christopher Nolan Has Been Asked to Direct the Next James Bond Movie

May 17, 2013

Christopher Nolan is the name that pops up whenever nerds talk about revamping or reinvigorating a dark, action-based film franchise, but in the case of James Bond, it's warranted. The director, an admitted Bond nerd, has discussed the series' influence on his Batman films. "That globe-trotting thing, that idea of trying to get you along for a ride, that was very much a jumping-off point cinematically [for the Dark Knight trilogy]," he said last year. Inception also featured a nod to classic Bond in the ski-chase sequence that referenced 1969's On Her Majesty's Secret Service. After the smashing success of Bond 23, Skyfall, many assumed director Sam Mendes would sign on for another go-round. A few months ago, Mendes announced he wouldn't be returning for Bond 24 to focus on his theater career, and the Nolan chatter quickly surfaced once more. Now, The Daily Mail is reporting that "informal talks" have started between Nolan and Bond producers Eon, which is damn exciting news.

That said, there are a ton of reasons why this collaboration could fall through. There are studios that would bend over backwards and sideways for the filmmaker—and he knows it—but Eon has had a tight grip on cinema's longest-running franchise, leaving us to wonder if Nolan would be granted the creative freedom he's made clear that he requires. We imagine that big dollar signs would trump all for a studio that was on the brink of financial disaster just before its most recent blockbuster swept the box office.

Nolan's sci-fi film Interstellar, slated for a 2014 release, is another consideration. Due to scheduling, it could be several years before Nolan joined forces with Eon, but all good things come to those who wait. And of course there's a new Bond that could possibly figure into the changeover. While Craig has been the closest Bond to resemble author Ian Fleming's original 007, he's looking a little old for the part. It could be interesting to see Nolan explore an aging Bond, similar to the unmade Batman film that was talked about, in which the Dark Knight comes out of retirement to battle a new foe. However, there is plenty of pathos where Bond is concerned, and inventing more where so much has gone unexplored seems superfluous.

Skyfall is one of the rare films that actually delved into Bond's backstory and tense family history, so we see the studio looking back rather than forward if anything. If Nolan misses the chance to jump in for Bond 24, that gives him the opportunity to invite a new Bond to join him (Craig is contracted for the next two), and we (OK, I) know who would be perfect.

"I’d love to play Bond with Chris Nolan (as a) director or something, it would be awesome,” Tom Hardy said last year. Panties are dropping as we speak. 

Leave your thoughts about Nolan in a Bond universe, below.

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