'Back to the Future' Buddies Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd Are Reuniting on TV

'Back to the Future' Buddies Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd Are Reuniting on TV

Nov 20, 2013

Back to the Future Doc BrownI can’t say that I’ve found The Michael J. Fox show particularly funny so far, which is disappointing given that I think Fox is a funny guy and I was excited for his return to television. But today’s news about an upcoming episode guarantees I’ll be tuning in at least one more time.

Fox will officially reteam with his Back to the Future costar Christopher Lloyd for a spring episode of the show. That’s right – it’s a Back to the Future reunion!

Fox and Lloyd won’t be reprising their film characters in the ep, but will instead butt heads when Lloyd serves as the principal at the school where Fox’s wife (Betsy Brandt) teaches. It sounds like this could potentially become a recurring character on the show (which would delight BttF fans), but so far, Lloyd has only signed on for the one episode.

Fox broke the news officially on Twitter – with this amusing response to a fan question:

Of course, if that news doesn’t scratch your itch for all things Back to the Future, you can spend the better part of an hour watching this awesome "Script to Screen" vid showcasing the film’s evolution. You can learn a whole lot about screenwriting in the clip. Learning is awesome when it involves Doc Brown.

[via THR and Cinephelia and Beyond]




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