Christian Bale Finally Explains His 'Bat Voice;' Christopher Nolan Takes IMAX Where It's Never Gone Before

Christian Bale Finally Explains His 'Bat Voice;' Christopher Nolan Takes IMAX Where It's Never Gone Before

Nov 19, 2013

Batman Christian BaleChristopher Nolan and Christian Bale have both moved on from DC’s Batman movies, but that doesn’t mean they’re retired. Bale recently spoke with MTV about his audition for the role of the Dark Knight, and Nolan is back in the news as he continues to push the envelope on his new project Interstellar. We’ve got all the details to keep you up to speed on this dynamic duo.

First up, Bale talks to MTV’s Josh Horowitz about the audition for Batman Begins – and points out how awkward it was (he had to stand there in Val Kilmer’s Batsuit – which didn’t fit) and how he decided to create the infamous “Bat voice." The voice was inspired by Bale’s realization that he couldn’t stand around dressed as Batman and just talk in a regular voice like that was a totally normal occurrence.

“I have to become a beast in order to sell this to myself,” Bale recounts. He then adds that when he told his wife what he’d done, she was positive he’d lost the job. Fortunately for everyone, Nolan and company were thrilled with the actor’s take and the rest is movie history. Hear Bale recount the tale in his own words in this video interview.





Meanwhile, Christopher Nolan fanboys are eagerly awaiting the director’s new feature Interstellar, which isn’t due in theaters until next November. That didn’t stop them from geeking out over a leaked photo of the director placing his IMAX camera in an unusual place.

A member of the film’s VFX team tweeted (then took down) a photo of an IMAX camera mounted in the nose of a Learjet. We can sort of envision what Nolan’s looking to accomplish by doing this – and we’re totally stoked to see the finished footage because it’s almost assuredly going to be amazing. Until then, have a gander at the photo and start dreaming up what he was shooting with this setup.

[via /Film]

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