Christian Bale: The Man in Demand

Christian Bale: The Man in Demand

Aug 25, 2011

Everyone seems to love Christian Bale these days, and why not? He's built up an impressive body of work over the years, headlining everything from tiny indies to blockbuster Batman movies. (He also got a little boost out of The Fighter last year.) Sure he can be a little ... testy ... when he's deep into a character, so just stay the hell away from him! But what's up next for the prolific performer once he wraps on The Dark Knight Rises? Variety lists no less than five realistic options, including...

-- A remake of A Star is Born starring Beyonce? Directed by Clint Eastwood?

-- Darren Aronofsky's biblical epic Noah?

-- A Spike Lee-helmed remake of the nasty Korean thriller Oldboy?

-- Something called Gold with Michael Mann?

All we know for sure, thanks to Big V, is that Mr. Bale will not commit to any projects until he's done with Batman in November; that he has a period piece called The 13 Women of Nanjing (by Zhang Yimou) that's already wrapped; and that he's deeply coveted by some of the most interesting directors in the business. 

And if none of those projects appeal to Mr. Bale, here are a few of my own suggestions:

-- Newsies vs. Swing Kids: Requiem

-- American Psycho Pie

-- The Son of the Empire of the Sun

-- 3:10 to Wally World

Any other (inevitably funnier) suggestions?

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