See Christian Bale Audition for Batman in Val Kilmer's Batsuit Opposite Amy Adams

See Christian Bale Audition for Batman in Val Kilmer's Batsuit Opposite Amy Adams

Sep 23, 2013

When The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector's Edition hits shelves tomorrow, it'll come stocked with all sorts of behind-the-scenes goodies from Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. One particular piece of Bat history you'll want to watch is this screen test featuring Christian Bale in Val Kilmer's batsuit from Batman Forever. These are videos that are put together before all the final casting decisions are made to see how an actor looks in the part, and in this one Bale plays opposite Amy Adams, who apparently did folks "a favor" by coming in to help test Bale on camera.

"You could not give a normal performance," Nolan says in the short snippet. "You could not give an ordinary performance. You had to project massive energy through this costume in order to not question the costume. So it's about a feeling and a voice, and I think Christian's voice was a big part of the impression he made in the test."

Our favorite moment comes near the end when Bale looks directly into the camera like a boss and proclaims, "I'm Batman." Here's what that moment looked like in Batman Begins, and we've paired it with the same moment from Michael Keaton in Tim Burton's Batman. Who delivered it better?

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