Chris Pratt to Play the Indiana Jones of Booze Smuggling

Chris Pratt to Play the Indiana Jones of Booze Smuggling

Apr 15, 2015

If nothing ever comes of the rumors that Chris Pratt could take over the role of Indiana Jones, at least he continues to add similar adventuring characters to his resume. His part as Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy was clearly modeled on Jones, crossed with Han Solo for a mash-up of Harrison Ford's iconic heroes. Now he's set to play a real-life bootlegger who sounds like a much more grounded mix of those two fictional figures. 

The historical subject is William 'Bill' McCoy -- not to be confused with the Will McCoy who has done digitlal effects on Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies -- and the title of the movie is The Real McCoy. Contrary to what The Hollywood Reporter claims in their posting of this news, the phrase is not named for the non-drinking booze smuggler who shipped whiskey and rum from the Caribbean to the U.S. during Prohibition, as it can be found in texts written before he even reached maturity. People did still apply the phrase to his pure goods, though.

McCoy resorted to bootlegging as a means to get by after trucking took over a lot of the freight shipping that had been mostly handled by boat. If we are to force the Indiana Jones parallels, then liquor was his artifacts, the U.S. government his Nazis and the mob his competing archaelogists, such as Rene Belloq. But McCoy's adventures came to an end thanks to his adversaries in the Coast Guard, who came after him in international waters, where the famous criminal would seemingly safely sell his wares.

Here's what the character looked like when he appeared on HBO's Boardwalk Empire, played by Pearce Bunting.

That final battle should provide the movie with quite a climax, as it involved a chase and heavy gunfire. But the movie as a whole is being described as an action-adventure picture. They might as well even open with another sequence heavily inspired by the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark, during which Pratt navigates a dark cave in search of a stash of wine crates. 

Here's what the real-life McCoy looked like as a young man, to give you an idea of his Pratt-ishness.

The Real McCoy is being written by Bill Dubuque (The Judge) based off an idea by producer Tom McNulty (The Spectacular Now), who is overseeing the project with Captain Phillips Oscar nominee Michael De Luca, who obviously has some experience with seafaring stories based on true events.

Watch a short documentary segment on the real McCoy:

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