Chris O'Donnell Really Didn't Like 'Batman & Robin'

Chris O'Donnell Really Didn't Like 'Batman & Robin'

Apr 08, 2013

Until Batman Begins and Iron Man helped usher in a new era of superhero movies, what came before was pretty much a mixed bag, especially in the 1990s. Tim Burton did great things with his first two Batman movies because at that time the character and his world played heavily to Burton's whimsical strengths. But then Joel Schumacher took over the franchise, and while Batman Forever is corny and largely forgettable, it does have its moments, especially for those who grew up with it being pretty much your only source for big-screen superhero action. Batman & Robin, however, is a completely different story. It's bad.

How bad?

In this official making-of featurette for the film, the cast and Schumacher spend a great deal of time apologizing for it when they're not outright trashing it. Chris O'Donnell (who played Robin in both movies) does most of the bad-mouthing, saying stuff like "the first one felt like we were making a movie -- the second felt like we were making a toy commercial." Schumacher adds, "In Batman & Robin, the studio wanted it to be more family friendly and kid friendly. And a word I never heard before... more toyetic." 

Seriously this thing is great. You'll never see an official featurette like this again, especially for a big-budget superhero flick. It's as if they got to the DVD and just said screw 'em. Fantastic stuff. Thank you 1997, and thank you Batman & Robin.


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