The Weekend Rent: Chris Evans's Body...of Work

The Weekend Rent: Chris Evans's Body...of Work

Jul 22, 2011

Captain AmericaWe've sat through two Hulk and Iron Man movies and just saw Thor throw his hammer around on-screen earlier this year. Now it's time to watch Chris Evans fill out his costume in Captain America: The First Avenger—the final standalone Avenger adventure before all four superheroes team up in The Avengers next year.

We understand if you're a little burned out on superhero movies after the super green turd that was Green Lantern dropped on theaters, but Captain America is true to the comics and is a period piece set during World War II as Cap takes on Red Skull and HYDRA.

Evans—who clearly works out a little—was engineered to play this kind of role. Check out the best of his body of work on DVD and Blu-ray that led up to his role as Captain America.


Not Another Teen MovieNot Another Teen Movie: Here is yet another early 21st century spoof movie inspired by the success of Scary Movie sending up the teen horror film craze of the late '90s. This time the target is teen coming-of-age dramedies like Pretty in Pink, She's All That, Cruel Intentions, Bring It On, American Beauty and The Breakfast Club with Evans playing John Hughes High's star football player who falls for a "uniquely rebellious girl." Don't miss Evans's impressive whipped cream bra a la Ali Larter in Varsity Blues as well as a cameo by Molly Ringwald at the end of this ludicrous laugher that is available on DVD only.


Fantastic FourFantastic Four and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer: Captain America isn't the first time Evans has donned a tight costume to play a superhero on-screen. In Fantastic Four, Evans plays Johnny Storm—a cocky private astronaut who, while on a mission in space, is exposed to excessive cosmic radiation along with his three compadres. Back on earth, Johnny discovers that he can engulf himself in fire and fly, which leads to him being called the Human Torch. Along with his sister, the Invisible Girl, as well as Mr. Fantastic and the Thing, the foursome does battle with Dr. Doom and the mysterious Silver Surfer in the sequel, both of which are available on both DVD and Blu-ray.


SunshineSunshine: At this point, you're probably saying to yourself, OK, so Evans and his muscles that have muscles clearly fill a need on-screen for shirtless wonders, but can he act? The best evidence to support the fact that Evans can do things with his shirt on is this stellar sci-fi thriller by Danny Boyle about a spaceship on a mission to drop a nuclear payload into the sun and reignite our dying star. Evans plays Mace, the dry, no-nonsense engineer who locks horns with the resident physicist (Cillian Murphy). Sunshine is available on DVD and was one of the first Blu-rays to offer a picture-in-picture commentary track.


PushPush: Even though Evans makes you want to renew that gym membership, it's curious that the makers of this sci-fi action flick cast him as a powerful telekinetic who uses mind over matter. Evans plays Nick Grant, a "Mover" living in hiding in Hong Kong who can manipulate the gravitational field around objects and move them by will. This comes in handy when you want to nudge dice in your favor while gambling, which is how Evans pays his bills. He teams up with a "Watcher"—someone who can foresee the future—named Cassie (Dakota Fanning) to take on the Division, a powerful organization of superhumans. Evans's mini-X-Men outing is available on both DVD and Blu-ray.


Scott PilgrimScott Pilgrim vs. the World: One of the reasons that Evans is so likable is that, unlike other brawny actors who take themselves way too seriously, he seems comfortable poking fun at his image. In Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Evans plays Lucas Lee—a member of the League of Evil Exes and the second one that Scott must face in order to win the love of Ramona Flowers. Lucas is a "pretty good" skateboarder turned into a "pretty good" actor, and Evans plays the smarmy character with a knowing wink. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is available on both DVD and Blu-ray.

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