Choose Your Own Adventure Coming To Film And TV

Choose Your Own Adventure Coming To Film And TV

Jan 21, 2011

  • Choose from 28 endings! Choose Your Own Adventure is a video game without the video, a series of classic, completely ridiculous books in which you read snippets of story and then jump to a different page based on the choices that you are presented with. Who else out there used to hold the page and jump ahead to do some recon before settling on a choice? Production company Red Crown has announced that they’re developing the series for television and film, which is a little strange given that there’s no choice involved in these mediums, other than choosing whether or not to watch. If you plan to tune in for these adaptations, turn to page 125. If you prefer instead a sharp bludgeon to the head that puts you in a coma long enough to completely miss out on the Choose Your Own Adventure revival, turn to page 5,325,847,464. --Adam Rosenberg

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