Our Favorite Action Scenes: 'Chocolate'

Our Favorite Action Scenes: 'Chocolate'

Jul 12, 2011

ChocolateOf course it's not all that novel to see women kicking ass in action films. Beginning, quite possibly, with "Vazquez" from Aliens (although probably earlier) we've logically come to accept that women can A) get really pissed off, B) can point a gun with the sharpest of men, and C) get down and dirty in the simple ol' fisticuffs department.

But the recent Thai import known as Chocolate brings powerful females to a whole new level. Our main character, Zen, is an autistic little slip of a young woman who grew up studying the finest in martial artists from around the world. And now that her cancer-ridden mother is desperate for cash, little Zen (and her goofy fat cousin) hits the streets to collect several debts from numerous unsavory businessmen -- and their endless hordes of enthusiastic henchmen.

It's tough to nail down just one bad-ass action sequence from this slightly overlong but simply eye-popping flick, but below you'll see a little section of Zen's warmup to a final battle with Head Baddie. (Note: the music used in this clip is not from the actual film, but the other embeddable scenes were too darn long, and I don't want to spoil anything.) Chocolate is presently available on Netflix Watch Instantly ... and I bet you'll want to rewind the final brawl --which takes place on the side of a building -- at least once.

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