'About Cherry' Poster Premiere: James Franco and Heather Graham Explore the World of Porn

'About Cherry' Poster Premiere: James Franco and Heather Graham Explore the World of Porn

Jul 19, 2012

We've heard the story of a small-town girl who moves to the big city and gets involved in the wrong scene, but we're not sure we've heard it told like this before, from the perspective of those who've experienced it. Directed and cowritten by former sex worker Stephen Elliott, About Cherry stars Ashley Hinshaw as Angelina, an 18-year-old girl who escapes her unstable home life in search of new beginnings in San Francisco with her best friend, played by Dev Patel. It's there, though, that she meets Frances (James Franco), a well-off lawyer who's got problems of his own, which eventually leads Angelina -- using the name "Cherry" -- to dabble in the world of porn under the direction of porn star-turned-filmmaker Margaret (Heather Graham). 

About Cherry is unique in that it was actually shot in the San Francisco Armory, which is home to the largest adult-film studio in the world. About Cherry premieres on VOD on August 9th, and in theaters on September 21st. According to its press materials, it's a film that "challenges common assumptions about pornography, sexuality and the idea of success in general," and should be an entertaining and somewhat informative watch for any youngster who's currently out in the world trying to find themselves and discover their true identity.

You can check out our exclusive premiere of the film's poster below. 

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