Check Out the Ultimate 'Star Wars' Family Tree

Check Out the Ultimate 'Star Wars' Family Tree

Mar 19, 2013

As we continue to plow toward a number of new Star Wars movies, including spin-offs and an entire trilogy of sequels that pick up after Return of the Jedi, now might be a good time to refresh yourself with the Star Wars mythology and all the characters who've been major players in the franchise up until this point.

U.K.-based graphic designer Joe Stone created this all-encompassing Star Wars Family Tree that definitely comes off as cluttered and confusing, but there's a method to Stone's madness, with each line representing a different kind of Star Wars relationship, be it a friendship, romance, offspring, etc. You can use the guide in the upper right-hand corner to help as you browse through characters that seem to come from both film franchises, as well as The Clone Wars animated series. 

Apparently this print is also available as a wallpaper for the iPhone 4/4S and 5, and to download it you just need to tweet from this page. [via Design Taxi]

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