Check Out This Crazy, Award-Winning Re-creation of Hogwarts

Check Out This Crazy, Award-Winning Re-creation of Hogwarts

Feb 27, 2013

Seattle-based Harry Potter fan Alice Finch created an incredible minifig Lego version of Harry Potter's Hogwarts School from J.K. Rowling’s book series and the blockbuster movies. Finch won multiple awards for her detailed work that took 12 months to build over an 18-month time period.

Lego Hogwarts is constructed from 400,000 bricks, with some structures like the grand staircase being composed of about 10,000 bricks alone. It isn't just the exterior of Finch's creation that makes it a showstopper. The interior contains small details and embellishments that Potter fans flip for — like an old-timey slide projector in Lupin’s Defense Against the Dark Arts class and more. When book passages didn't provide a descriptive enough example for Finch to re-create from, she looked to the visually impressive films as her guide.

These photos are just a few examples of Finch's spectacular work. She hasn't dismantled the castle after exhibiting it since her son has been playing with it — a sweet reminder that while Lego artworks are great to look at and get nerdy over, they're still "technically" toys and meant to be enjoyed accordingly. [via Kotaku]




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