Check Out These Fantastic Images of the New 'RoboCop'

Check Out These Fantastic Images of the New 'RoboCop'

Oct 29, 2012

We were told recently that the RoboCop remake has now been pushed back to February 7, 2014, but that doesn't mean we can't see anything until then. Production continues on Jose Padilha's remake, which has already gone through plenty of ups and downs -- from rumors of a bad script to Padila's so-called complaints of his "vision" being taken hostage by the studio -- but despite the release date being pushed, recent word suggests good things are on the way. 

A new set of images have hit the Web courtesy of Just Jared, and they give us our best look yet at what Padilha and friends have planned for RoboCop. This new version, played by Joel Kinnaman, displays a tiny resemblance to the RoboCop we've seen before, except his suit had been updated and turned black. The one thing we really like about these images is the way the city reflects off his helmet. Here's hoping they use that in the film somehow. We also dig the hell out of this film's cast, with Kinnaman, Michael Keaton, Samuel L. Jackson, Gary Oldman, Abbie Cornish and Jackie Earle Haley among the main players. Regardless of the script, that cast -- and Padilha, whose Elite Squad films are packed with slick action as well as powerful drama -- are sure to deliver something worth watching.

RoboCop hits theaters on February 7, 2014. Check out the official synopsis below, and more images at Just Jared.

In RoboCop, the year is 2028 and multinational conglomerate OmniCorp is at the center of robot technology. Its drones are winning American wars around the globe and now it wants to bring this technology to the home front. Alex Murphy (Kinnaman) is a loving husband, father and good cop doing his best to stem the tide of crime and corruption in Detroit. After he is critically injured in the line of duty, OmniCorp utilizes its remarkable science of robotics to save Alex's life. He returns to the streets of his beloved city with amazing new abilities, but with issues a regular man has never had to face before.

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