Check Out the First Action-Packed Clip from 'The Bourne Legacy'

Check Out the First Action-Packed Clip from 'The Bourne Legacy'

Jul 19, 2012

The first official clip from The Bourne Legacy features CIA super spy Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) leaping across rooftops in order to protect Marta (Rachel Weisz), who takes off screaming after police begin closing in on their location. It's kind of an awkward scream, too, because he's not too far away from her and all the screaming does is tip off police of their exact whereabouts. What she should've done is quietly walk back into the room and been all like, "Hey dude, they're right out there. We should slip out the back and go make out in an alley or something." (Though maybe she screamed that way for a reason. Hmmm ...)

So instead, the scream sets her off in one direction and him off in another, eventually leading the two to meet back up in a fun, ass-kicking way. In the film, Renner picks up where Jason Bourne left off. Just like Bourne he's a super spy whose chromosomes were altered to make him more powerful than a normal human. And just like Bourne, it seems there are a lot of folks interested in finding him and/or killing him. 

The Bourne Legacy hits theaters on August 10th.

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