Cheap Thrills: One of the Craziest Movie Intros Ever Just Took Place at Fantastic Fest

Cheap Thrills: One of the Craziest Movie Intros Ever Just Took Place at Fantastic Fest

Sep 23, 2013

Warning: The below image may be NSFW.

Imagine settling down to watch a movie at a film festival when all of a sudden an audience member is offered the chance to get a tattoo of the film's title on their ass in front of the entire theater in exchange for a prize. This happened Saturday night at the premiere of Cheap Thrills (one of our top 10 movies discovered at this past SXSW Film Festival), a darkly hilarious thriller about two friends in need of money whose chance encounter with an eccentric wealthy couple leads to the, well, cheap thrills of watching desperate people do anything (and we mean, anything) for a chance to score some dough. 

It's a seedy little movie with a sickly, hilarious performance from David Koechner (my favorite role of his by far) and a surprisingly grown-up and gnarly looking Ethan Embry. The skinny dude from Can't Hardly Wait is a badass now, and it's pretty great.

So the folks behind Fantastic Fest, in their ever-evolving attempt to heighten the "experience" of watching a movie, decided to kick off a screening of Cheap Thrills by proving the point of the movie: that people will do pretty much anything (in front of an entire theater packed with people, mind you) for a little cash prize.

Yes, a dude got the words "Cheap Thrills" tattooed on his ass. And yes, some girl ate a popsicle covered in bugs. Also, yes, one guy dipped his lower private parts into hot sauce.

Finally, yes, there is video proof.

Here were the official dares, as provided by the Alamo Drafthouse theater:
"Cheek Thrills" - I dare you to get CHEAP THRILLS tattooed on your ass for a Super Fan badge to Fantastic Fest 2014
"Weenie Martini" - I dare you to drink a martini made from the juice of a Vienna Sausage container and specially "stirred" by Ethan Embry for a $50 Alamo Drafthouse Food & Beverage card
"Licket Cricket" - I dare you to eat a popsicle covered in bugs for free popsicles from Dia De Las Paletas for the rest of Fantastic Fest
"The Red Ball-oon" - I dare you to dip your genitalia in a bowl of Sriracha hot sauce for $100 cash in ones and Pat Healy's pants that he wore in CHEAP THRILLS (and also took off in front of the crowd!)

It's crazy, sure, but it's stuff like this that will save the future of moviegoing, in my opinion. In an age where it's hard to fully experience a movie or remember a particularly unique moviegoing experience, the people behind Fantastic Fest -- and, by extension, the Alamo Drafthouse cinema -- are doing things not many others are trying or even thinking about. They're being inventive, and it's pretty incredible (see also: funny, scary, disgusting and awe inspiring) to witness in person. 

But apart from that -- and we'll definitely talk more about that in the coming days and weeks -- Cheap Thrills is a freaky little flick that I highly recommend. As of now, it looks to hit theaters in February of 2014.

Here's the trailer...





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