Listen: 'Chasing Ice' Filmmakers Explain How We Can Prevent the Inevitable Apocalypse

Listen: 'Chasing Ice' Filmmakers Explain How We Can Prevent the Inevitable Apocalypse

Jan 27, 2012

One of the most explosive films at this year's Sundance Film Festival is Chasing Ice, a documentary chronicling the Extreme Ice Survey directed by Jeff Orlowski. At times the scariest and most beautiful film screening in U.S. Documentary Competition, Chasing Ice follows Orlowski and famed National Geographic photographer James Balog to several of the world's most famous glaciers where they planted cameras in the harshest conditions in an attempt to obtain visual proof of climate change in the melting of this ice. The results are painfully breathtaking, as the film provides what is perhaps the most visible sign of how climate change is affecting these glaciers, and how that, in turn, will in all likelihood destroy the planet we call home.

Following the screening, sat down for a heated conversation with Orlowski and Balog, with the focus of our chat leaning toward what we, as a community, can do to help save our world. Yes, we know the ice is melting. Yes, we know this is part of what's leading to an influx of ferocious storms, wildfires and natural disasters around the world. But what can one person do to help fix that? To help prevent what's looking more and more like an inevitable apocalypse?

Listen to our engaging 30-minute conversation below, and keep an eye out for Chasing Ice later this year as it was just picked up for distribution by National Geographic.

Note: The first person who speaks is director Jeff Orlowski, followed by James Balog. Also, apologies for the background noise. This was recorded in a restaurant.

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