Charlie Sheen to Lindsay Lohan: "Try to Think Things Through"

Charlie Sheen to Lindsay Lohan: "Try to Think Things Through"

Feb 16, 2011

As if you need any further proof that all of Hollywood belongs locked up in an insane asylum, Charlie Sheen has stepped forward with advice for Lindsay Lohan. You know things have reached new levels of absurdity when last week's problem child is offering advice to this week's problem child, but sadly that is now the world we live in. Phoning in to The Dan Patrick Show earlier today, Sheen -- who's been screaming from the rooftops this past week, calling out everyone and anyone for delaying production on Two and a Half Men -- finished up his conversation by offering some advice to Ms. Lohan, who's facing some pretty nasty charges after "accidentally" stealing a necklace from a jewelry story and then "forgetting" to bring in back in time. (I swear, some of the excuses these people shovel out remind me of when I'd tell my fourth grade teacher that aliens kidnapped my homework in a lame attempt to dodge a failing grade).

But anyway, Sheen says that Lohan is too impulsive, and that she should "try to think things through." This coming from the guy who got so wasted that he trashed his hotel room and locked a screaming naked hooker in the closet while on vacation in New York City with his ex-wife and two kids, who, mind you, were staying in the same hotel!

Think things through? Is Charlie Sheen literally living the life of  two and a half different men, where one day he's this charming, sophisticated professional actor who gets the job done and offers advice to those less fortunate, and then the next day he's a raging drug addict who doesn't know when enough is enough until enough storms in and arrests his boozed-up ass? Or did we miss the episode when people started taking this dope seriously again?

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