Charlie Sheen Gets Naked and Trashes Hotel Room

Charlie Sheen Gets Naked and Trashes Hotel Room

Oct 26, 2010

Just when you thought you've seen it all when it comes to bizarre celebrity controversies, Charlie Sheen has to once again go and one-up everyone. The Two and a Half Men star (who also happens to be one of TV's highest paid actors) wound up in a bit of a "situation" earlier this morning when cops found the actor naked in his trashed hotel room at New York's Plaza Hotel after what appears to be a drug-fueled rampage that began when Sheen misplaced his wallet and keys. Oh, and we should also mention that there was a high-priced escort in the room who some claim was locked, naked, in a closet screaming for her life. If you were a Hollywood screenwriter pitching this story, you'd probably go with something like Home Alone 2 meets The Hangover. And hey, I'd see that movie!

Sheen reportedly told police that he had been out partying while drinking and using cocaine. However, since the troubled TV star is only one week away from the end of his probation, his reps are now saying that Sheen was taken to the hospital following an allergic reaction to some medication. Unfortunately, a few Google searches did not reveal which medications would cause a person to trash their hotel room and lock a hooker in a closet, but let's just hope (for all our sakes) that it's not something that can be found at the local CVS.

Sheen's former wife, Denise Richards, who was also staying in the hotel but in a different room, helped escort him to the hospital while repeatedly questioning how in the world she ever wound up with this guy to begin with. Naturally, we should expect a few ridiculous explanations from Sheen's team (Aliens made him do it! The hooker suddenly turned into that thing from Species! The room was that way when he checked in!), followed by a couple months in rehab. So, yeah, we're about three to four months away from Charlie Sheen doing something stupid ... again. Not sure how he'll top this, but we look forward to his creative attempts.

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