Charlie Sheen Set to Star in TV Version of 'Anger Management'?

Charlie Sheen Set to Star in TV Version of 'Anger Management'?

Jul 07, 2011

Actor Charlie SheenIf you haven’t been paying attention, let’s just say that 2011 has been a rough year for Charlie Sheen. Despite all of his talk about “winning,” the actor lost his gig on CBS’s Two and a Half Men (the one that paid him almost $2 million per episode), his live tour drew audience jeers and walkouts at most stops, and both of his “goddesses” have left for greener pastures (or, in Bree Olson’s case, a return to the world of porn). Sheen’s insistence that CBS would beg him to come back proved misguided, as Two and a Half Men is now poised to move on without him – replacing him with Ashton Kutcher.

Undaunted, and apparently desperately in need of work if you believe the gossip rags, Sheen has turned to old friend producer Joe Roth for help in his planned comeback.

Roth and Sheen have previously worked on five projects in all – including Major League and Young Guns. For their next collaboration, they’re planning to turn the 2003 film Anger Management into a television series. Sheen will, according to reports at places like Deadline and TMZ, play an ex-jock who got his masters degree in social work during the offseasons and now spends his time counseling angry defendants in the criminal justice system. In the original film, which was somewhat different, Sheen’s character was played by Jack Nicholson. Let’s just hope Charlie doesn’t feel the need to do another round of steroids to get into the whole “ex-jock” character…

TMZ states that Sheen and Roth are negotiating with Lionsgate to get the show off the ground – but the deal isn’t done yet. Even if that hurdle is cleared, they’d still have to find a network that would air it. A year ago, they’d have lined up for the opportunity to air a new Charlie Sheen sitcom, but given the actor’s recent erratic behavior, it seems likely there will be less suitors than usual – and no one is going to want to pony up anywhere near $2 million per show for Sheen at this point.

While we imagine some network executive out there might be willing to take a risk on a new Sheen vehicle, we have to wonder if audiences, who’ve seemingly grown tired of Charlie’s outrageous antics, would tune in and watch. What say you, readers? Would you let Charlie Sheen back into your home, even if only through the magic of television or have you had enough of the “MaSheen” at this point?

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