Channing Tatum Says No One Has Called Him About 'G.I. Joe: Retaliation' Reshoots

Channing Tatum Says No One Has Called Him About 'G.I. Joe: Retaliation' Reshoots

Jun 25, 2012

You can walk into your local Target or Walmart and currently buy yourself a bevy of G.I. Joe: Retaliation toys. You cannot, however, walk into your local movie house and buy a ticket to the movie. That's because Paramount pulled it off its release schedules just weeks before it was due to hit theaters. The exact reason why has evolved a bit since then.

Initially Paramount said it was because they wanted to post-convert the movie to 3D, then some of its cast and crew started saying they were going to shoot entire new action scenes that would take full advantage of the new 3D, and then it got out that the film test screened poorly and the big complaint focus groups had was not liking what happened to Channing Tatum's character. So the latest unofficial word (because the studio certainly isn't going to confirm that they had a dud on their hands) was that the reshoots would actually be to buff up Tatum's role in the movie.

Unfortunately, no one from the studio has actually reached out to Channing Tatum about the whole ordeal. According to a great interview for his latest film, Magic Mike, over at AICN, Tatum has certainly heard all about what's going on in the movie, but no one from Paramount has actually tried to schedule him for anything.

They haven’t called me. Everybody sends me the Deadline reports, all of my friends and even my representation. They're just kind of like, “Has anybody called you?” I’m like “No,” then they’re like “Well they haven’t called us.” So I don’t really know. I have no idea.

Tatum goes on to say that the movie can't keep him in the dark too much longer. His next movie, Bitter Pill, shares a producer with Retaliation, so he plans to get to the bottom of it at their next meeting. Whatever the case, with several hits already under his belt in 2012 and another one right around the corner, it's really starting to seem like Retaliation needs Tatum more than he needs it.

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