Channing Tatum Says 'Jupiter Ascending' Almost Killed Him

Channing Tatum Says 'Jupiter Ascending' Almost Killed Him

Jun 02, 2014


Channing Tatum and his muscles made the cover story for the June issue of GQ, which delves into the actor’s favorite things (beer, bourbon, cake), childhood memories (he had an invisible friend), and upcoming film projects. Tatum will be returning to undercover shenanigans in 22 Jump Street — the sequel to the 2012 action-comedy based on the 1987 TV series 21 Jump Street — on June 18. But GQ has focused on the actor’s July theatrical feature for its cover story: Jupiter Ascending — the first science fiction film the Wachowskis have directed since their Matrix trilogy.

Tatum plays Caine Wise in the movie, a “genetically engineered interplanetary warrior” who assists Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis), a “destitute human woman [who] gets targeted for assassination by the Queen of the Universe.” Jones also happens to be the rightful heir to the planet Earth. This is a film unlike any other Tatum has appeared in before. Its complexities were apparently intimidating.

“I had no idea what I was going into with Jupiter, zero idea," he reflected with GQ. "I had no clue what it was going to mean to make a movie like that. And it almost killed me. I think we were behind the eight ball from the very beginning. Those movies, I like to call them like pseudo-controlled avalanches."

Despite the demanding action scenes (one stunt took several months to perfect) and his weird, wolflike prosthetics (Tatum feared he might look like Teen Wolf), Tatum is excited about the film's potential. “They are wildly unique people, and intelligent and deep people. They're unicorns,” he continued, speaking of the Wachowskis. “Maybe they're not going to be wildly understood. But I definitely think it hurt their hearts a lot that maybe Cloud [Atlas] wasn't accepted in the way that they wanted it to be. I know that they're super proud of it. They poured their hearts out into it. But there was no panic on this movie of, 'God, this movie has got to be good.' Nothing."

See the Wachowskis return to the sci-fi universe that made them famous when Jupiter Ascending arrives in theaters on July 18.

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