Netflix Killed the Instant Queue, but Here's How to Get It Back

Netflix Killed the Instant Queue, but Here's How to Get It Back

Aug 22, 2013

Netflix logoAs someone who despises change about as much as Jason Voorhees hates horny teenagers, yesterday’s announcement that Netflix was dropping the beloved Instant Queue in favor of something it calls “My List” was a pretty terrifying thing for me. “Why do I have to lose my Instant Queue?” I wondered. “It works perfectly the way it is.”

Well, as it turns out, I didn’t have to actually lose my Instant Queue at all – so put down the pitchforks, Internet -- and if you’re not finding yourself particularly enamored of “My List,” you can switch back to the good old Instant Queue system with a few button clicks.

The new system, in which Netflix’s recommendation algorithms order your list based on what it thinks you’re most likely to want to watch right now, was implemented mostly for users in other countries – that don’t have an Instant Queue system.

As this demo video shows, “My List” isn’t really all that different from your Instant Queue – but if you like ordering your queue yourself and don’t want Netflix’s occasionally bizarre recommendation system mucking that up, here’s how you get your Instant Queue back.

On the main Netflix page, find the “See All” link right next to the “My List” heading. Click it.

On the right side of the next screen, click “Change Order to Manual”. You’re welcome. Enjoy your old Instant Queue. Thank God this didn’t turn into another Qwikster fiasco…

[via Slate and Vulture]


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