Centipede Cinema Wants to See if You Will Stand Inside a Tube to Watch a Movie

Centipede Cinema Wants to See if You Will Stand Inside a Tube to Watch a Movie

Aug 28, 2013

Centipede cinema theater

Theater technology keeps advancing at a rapid rate – making the act of going to the cinema a constantly evolving experience. From 3D and 48 fps screenings to the majesty of IMAX, viewing movies at the local movie house has become something of an event. Yet, as amazing as those experiences can be, they’re not quite as unique as this new exhibition in the streets of Guimarães, Portugal. 

Dubbed "Centipede Cinema," this project has absolutely nothing to do with the films of Tom Six but instead gets its name from the tubular protrusions that viewers put their bodies through to see the film inside the miniature theater.

The theater is made up of 16 tubular tunnels that patrons stand in – with their heads emerging inside a small theater that can show a film made up of 20 trailers that runs for nearly an hour. The concept was brought to life by Bartlett School of Architecture professor Colin Fournier, artist Marysia Lewandowska, and London design studio NEON.

The design is certainly striking, and the rendering of the inside (below) makes this look like an intimate venue for watching a film – essentially the antithesis to our modern stadium-styled auditoriums. However, I doubt it will catch on in America, where few people will want to stand for an hour to watch a movie in a theater with no place to store their supersized popcorn and 50-gallon drum of Coke.

Centipede Theater inside

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