'Celebrity Deathmatch' Creator Seeking Funds for Stop-Motion Postapocalyptic Feature 'Havoc'

'Celebrity Deathmatch' Creator Seeking Funds for Stop-Motion Postapocalyptic Feature 'Havoc'

Feb 26, 2013

Havoc character modelIf we had unlimited amounts of money at our disposal, we’d spend huge chunks of it funding cool-sounding Kickstarter projects – projects like Havoc, which looks to break new ground in the world of stop-motion animation.

Creator Eric Fogel is probably best remembered for being the brains behind MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch – a weekly series featuring pop-culture celebs engaged in stop-motion fights to the death. The show was really popular for a stretch, thanks in no small part to the distinctive animation and over-the-top violence.

Fogel’s looking to take those two elements that helped make Celebrity Deathmatch a hit and use them in his latest project, a feature-length film titled Havoc about a character who survives in a brutal postapocalyptic landscape. Think Mad Max, only with stop-motion animation and more entrails, and you’re on the right track.

In order to create a proof-of-concept video for potential studio investors, Fogel’s looking to raise $60,000 through Kickstarter. With nine days left to go, he needs some help to hit his mark, which is where you guys can step in and help.

Like all good Kickstarter campaigns, this one offers lots of cool perks for backers, including the opportunity to get props from the short film and even actual character figures. If that’s not enough to entice you, maybe the synopsis for Havoc will. Here it is, direct from Fogel himself.

Havoc is a pulse-pounding, stop-motion, action movie that pits a lone warrior, against a vicious mutant horde.  At stake: his survival AND the fate of humankind!  Part human, part genetic mutation, Havoc is a man at odds with the brutal, postapocalyptic landscape he calls home.  He’s an underdog you can’t help but root for, a hero who won’t truly succeed until learns to embrace his own humanity. Havoc is everything that I love about stop-motion animation – incredible detail, rich storytelling, kick-ass characters.  It’s the culmination of a dream of mine that spans decades.”

Check out Fogel’s video pitch for the film below, then swing by the official Havoc Kickstarter page to contribute. We’re hoping Fogel hits his goal – because Havoc sounds like something we’d want to see. 

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