Catwoman to Go to 'Interstellar' Space for Her 'Dark Knight Rises' Director

Catwoman to Go to 'Interstellar' Space for Her 'Dark Knight Rises' Director

Apr 09, 2013

The most interesting titles in Christopher Nolan's filmography are the ones he makes between Batman movies. Films like Inception or The Prestige aren't necessarily any better or worse than his Dark Knight trilogy, it's just exciting to see what he does when not chained to a massively scrutinized, preexisting property. His first post-franchise film is called Interstellar, but it won't be a total break from the trilogy that made him famous: he's bringing his Catwoman along for the ride.

Anne Hathaway is approaching a deal to costar in the film alongside the previously cast Matthew McConaughey. We don't know a ton about the plot, but, as Deadline reports, the origin of the project is quite telling. Interstellar was first developed by Steven Spielberg in 2006 for DreamWorks/Paramount and is at least partially inspired by physicist Kip Thorne's theories about wormholes and their potential use for time travel. It was Spielberg himself who hired Jonah Nolan to write the screenplay, but the former obviously left the film. Jonah stuck around, the film shifted from being a Paramount project to a Paramount/Warner Bros. venture, and now Christopher Nolan is once again sitting in the director's chair for one of his brother's scripts.

Assuming the Nolan duo's Interstellar is still about Thorne's research, it's worth noting that what makes his theory unique is that it actually posits that paradoxes are impossible in wormhole-based time travel. So instead of, say, a Back to the Future scenario where Marty McFly's family will slowly fade away unless he corrects the paradoxes he introduced, he'd just show up in the past and have no affect on his own future. All too often movies about time travel involve someone desperately trying to prevent or correct a future event. It'll be refreshing to see one where that's not the conflict.



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