'Catching Fire' Pulls a 'Dark Knight': Will Shoot Scenes with IMAX Cameras

'Catching Fire' Pulls a 'Dark Knight': Will Shoot Scenes with IMAX Cameras

Jun 13, 2012

With the success Christopher Nolan has had shooting scenes for his Batman trilogy with IMAX cameras -- not to mention how much it added to the excitement of the recent Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol -- it's nice to see other franchises branching out with their own attempts. Today THR says director Francis Lawrence will become the next to shoot scenes specifically for the IMAX format when he begins production on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire this fall. Which scenes and how much of the film, we do not know yet, but it's a good sign for the franchise to see them exploring this territory.

We'd actually prefer to see more big films shoot with IMAX cameras versus 3D or 3D post-conversion as it provides a more visually immersive experience -- especially when viewed on traditional IMAX screens. Nolan will once again up the IMAX ante this summer with The Dark Knight Rises, as the director reportedly shot upwards of 45 minutes to an hour with IMAX cameras. 

Which Catching Fire scenes do you hope they'll shoot with IMAX cameras?

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