Casting Roundup: Samuel L. Jackson Swings Toward 'Tarzan,' Robert Pattinson Eyes New Project

Casting Roundup: Samuel L. Jackson Swings Toward 'Tarzan,' Robert Pattinson Eyes New Project

Dec 12, 2013

Robert PattinsonWhile everyone’s busy buzzing about Golden Globe nominations this morning, there’s been some interesting casting news and rumors sprouting up over the past 24 hours – so if you’re looking for something other than a debate about The Wolf of Wall Street. and 12 Years a Slave this morning, I’ve got you covered.

Robert Pattinson still has legions of fans who would love for him to do Twilight sequels and remakes until he dies, but the actor continues to branch out beyond Stephenie Meyer’s supernatural romance series. He’s continuing that trend by joining the cast of the upcoming drama The Childhood of a Leader.

Pattinson will costar alongside Juliette Binoche and Tim Roth in the upcoming drama from filmmaker Brady Corbet. The film focuses on the “childhood of a post-World War I leader.” Filming is set to get underway in May. [via Variety]

Samuel L. Jackson is not only a bad mother… he’s also one of the busiest dudes around. Now he might have another project to squeeze into his schedule of Marvel movies if his latest negotiations pan out.

Rumors are circulating that Jackson is in talks to join the cast of David Yates’ Tarzan – which is just the sort of thing that could help the film get over the development hump.

Jackson won’t be playing the title character (Alexander Skarsgard has that part on lockdown), but will be working alongside Skarsgard and Christoph Waltz should he take the part. Jackson is eyeing a role originally set for Jamie Foxx, who had to drop out of the project after delays earlier this year.

I’m not sure the world needs a new Tarzan movie, but if Waltz and Samuel L. Jackson are working together, we're all in. [via Cinemablend]

Finally, we close with some casting news about the sequel to this summer’s surprise horror hit The Purge.

Frank Grillo (who is probably most familiar to audiences for his work in The Grey) will headline the sequel – taking over for Ethan Hawke. Plot details are scarce, but it’s not surprising that Blumhouse and Universal are moving forward aggressively – The Purge had a $3 million budget and grossed $90 million globally. That’s certainly worth green-lighting a sequel.

Expect more details on this one sometime in the new year. [via Deadline]




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