Casting: Robert Pattinson's Next Role, Plus Amy Adams Will Become Janis Joplin for Lee Daniels

Casting: Robert Pattinson's Next Role, Plus Amy Adams Will Become Janis Joplin for Lee Daniels

Oct 17, 2012


While part of the world is fixated on Robert Pattinson possibly getting back together with Kristen Stewart, the rest of us have just found out that the English actor will be joining Carey Mulligan for James Marsh's Hold On to Me — formerly known as Nancy and Danny. Brad Ingelsby — who wrote the upcoming thriller Out of the Furnace starring Christian Bale and Woody Harrelson — penned the screenplay about a desperate and scheming woman (Mulligan) who buries a man alive in hopes of running off with the ransom money, with the help of her boyfriend (Pattinson). As expected, the plan goes awry.

Todd Field was originally slated to direct the project, but has since put his attention toward The Creed of Violence. Both Field and Marsh are great people for the actor to continue on with from the famed David Cronenberg, and we're pleased to see he's still staying clear of teen blockbusters and taking darker, grittier roles. Website Coming Soon advises that Hold On to Me's story is inspired by a real-life case — potentially the kidnapping and burial of Samuel Bronfman in New York.

On the directing side of casting news today, The Hollywood Reporter indicates that Lee Daniels may be directing that Janis Joplin biopic, Get It While You Can. The Paperboy filmmaker is currently filming The Butler starring an A-list cast, headed by the severely underrated Forest Whitaker — even though various websites seem to be toplining other actors, which is pretty crappy in our book. Amy Adams has been attached to the project for some time now, set to star as the iconic 1960's singer-songwriter who tragically died from a heroin overdose.

She left a legacy in her wake, including the titular song that was a hit single the year after her passing (along with "Cry Baby" and "Me and Bobby McGee"). Daniels is known for risk-taking ventures like Paperboy, which featured Nicole Kidman giving Zac Efron a golden shower. That means we fully expect to see Adams passed out in the shower, with a needle in her arm. Let us know if you think Daniels is a good match for Joplin's tragic story.

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