Casting: Peter Dinklage Returns to Film as Zooey Deschanel Takes Possible TV Break for Time Travel Tale

Casting: Peter Dinklage Returns to Film as Zooey Deschanel Takes Possible TV Break for Time Travel Tale

Mar 28, 2012

Sorry, movies. Right now we read Peter Dinklage's name and all we want is a new season of Game of Thrones to start that very second. Deadline reports, however, that the charismatic actor will be starring with Home Alone's Catherine O'Hara for writer/director Mark Palansky's Rememory. After a brilliant professor mysteriously dies, his wife (O'Hara) discovers a unique invention that her late husband was trying to introduce to the world. In case the film title didn't kind of give it away, the device records and plays memories. Dinklage plays an "unlikely friend" who assists in getting to the bottom of the bizarre and devastating events. We'd watch Dinklage watching paint dry, and the trio has already collaborated on 2006's Penelope — a romantic comedy with a magical twist — so the cast seems right and ready. What say you?
In other casting news, New Girl Zooey Deschanel and Irish actor Domhnall Gleeson (Harry Potter's Bill Weasley) are joining for an indie time travel dramedy written and directed by Love Actually filmmaker Richard Curtis. Deschanel would star in About Time as the main love interest whose boyfriend (Gleeson) comes from a family of time travelers. Once the young man starts to understand his strange abilities, he uses them to change the world for the better. Wackiness and doe-eyed Zooey staring blankly at the camera will probably ensue. She may even sing a song! Both actors are technically in negotiations still, but if Deschanel is looking to make the jump back to the big screen from the telly universe, then this could be a fun project to welcome her home — even if the girlfriend role seems a bit played out for her at this point. This would be Gleeson's first lead role, but would debut after we get to see more of his acting chops in Lionsgate's Dredd reboot. Interested? 

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