Casting: Knoxville and Oswalt are 'Scout Masters', Cody Horn Meets 'Magic Mike', Elizabeth Banks Goes on a Killing Spree

Casting: Knoxville and Oswalt are 'Scout Masters', Cody Horn Meets 'Magic Mike', Elizabeth Banks Goes on a Killing Spree

Aug 22, 2011

Actor Johnny KnoxvilleWhat do Johnny Knoxville, Patton Oswalt, Elizabeth Banks, and Cody Horn have in common? If you guessed they’ve all been cast in new movies, give yourself a cookie and a pat on the back.

-- Jackass star Johnny Knoxville is now set to team up with Patton Oswalt in Todd Rohal’s tentatively titled new feature, Scout Master. Twitch is reporting that the two stars will play dueling brothers who are tasked with taking a group of boys on a camping trip at the request of a sick father. We imagine hilarious hijinks will ensue.

Scout Master may sound like a run-of-the-mill Hollywood comedy, but Rohal’s previous film, The Catechism Cataclysm, was a minor hit at Sundance and is slated for eventual release through IFC. That has us intrigued about his newest production – which is set to start shooting this week. Plus, we like both Knoxville and Oswalt. Maybe this is the role that pushes both toward more mainstream stardom.

-- Steven Soderbergh’s next project in his “farewell tour” is Magic Mike – a tale of a young male stripper (Alex Pettyfer) being mentored by a more experienced organ grinder (Channing Tatum – whose experience as a Tampa-based adult entertainer serves as the basis for the story…). Casting news for the film has been coming fast and furious with production set to start next month. Last week, rumors were everywhere that Jessica Biel was tackling the leading lady role in the film – but those reports were false.

Instead, Cody Horn has landed the coveted role according to Playlist. The daughter of former Warner Bros. President and COO Alan Horn is an up-and-coming actress who’s currently creating a bit of a buzz in Hollywood. We expect that buzz will only get louder with this latest addition to her resume. Reports indicate that she beat out some big name actresses for the part (which would seemingly include Biel…), so Soderbergh must see something special in the young starlet.

-- Horror website Bloody-Disgusting has some interesting news on a new project from True Blood producer Alan Ball. Apparently, Ball is set to team up with director Daniel Minahan to craft a feature entitled What’s Wrong with Margie? – the tale of a kind young woman who’s pushed past her breaking point and goes on a wild killing spree. Minahan has directed episodes of True Blood, Game of Thrones, and Deadwood.

According to B-D’s source, actress Elizabeth Banks will take on the part of the title character. Banks’ dance card is filling up quite nicely these days – the actress is also involved in the big-screen adaptation of The Hunger Games

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