Casting: Javier Bardem Joins 'Bond 23', 'Resident Evil 5' Finds an Ada Wong, and More

Casting: Javier Bardem Joins 'Bond 23', 'Resident Evil 5' Finds an Ada Wong, and More

Oct 11, 2011

Actor Javier BardemLooking for the latest Hollywood casting updates? Your search has ended.

-- Shooting on Paul W.S. Anderson’s Resident Evil: Retribution is now underway, and this morning Anderson’s wife – the lovely Milla Jovovich – took to Twitter to unveil that the role of femme fatale Ada Wong has been cast.

“G'mornin every1! Well, I have some news that a lot of u will be interested in! We have finally cast our Ada Wong! Drum roll please! So, Ada Wong in RE5 is being played by Chinese actress Li Bingbing! We're so excited!"

The actress has an impressive resume of foreign film credits, including appearances in The Forbidden Kingdom and Tsui Hark’s Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame. She joins Jovovich, Sienna Guillory, Michelle Rodriguez, and Boris Kodjoe in the film, which is based on Capcom’s popular survival horror game series. [via Twitter and ComingSoon]

-- The cast for Robert Redford’s The Company You Keep is growing at an amazing pace – and the latest names to join the project are quite impressive.

The film, in which Redford plays a former Weather Underground militant forced to go back on the run when a young reporter (Shia Labeouf) uncovers his identity, has added several big names to the supporting cast this week.

Redford and LaBeouf will be joined by Oscar nominees Anna Kendrick and Terrence Howard, as well as highly respected actors Brendan Gleeson and Sam Elliott. Variety has the full rundown on who everyone will be playing, and we’re quite intrigued by this film. We’re not big Shia LaBeouf fans, but the rest of this cast is uniformly excellent. The Company You Keep is currently filming in Vancouver.

-- Mickey Rourke and Kellan Lutz have signed on to star in Java Heat – an action film set in South East Asia and produced by Margate House Films – an Indonesian production company.

The film, which is clearly not a Hollywood production, finds Lutz playing a “reckless tough guy,” with a grudge against Muslims after 9/11, who’s out to capture Rourke’s clever jewel thief. Lutz’s character can’t navigate the Asian criminal underworld, so he’s forced to team up with a “cerebral Muslim detective” to bring Mickey to justice.

While the premise doesn’t sound particularly original, Connor Alyn is directing the film. Alyn is the filmmaker responsible for the Red & White trilogy, so maybe there’s some hope for this one. [via The Playlist]

-- Finally, after months of speculation, actor Javier Bardem has officially confirmed that he will be in Bond 23. The actor, best known for his turn as the villainous Anton Chigurh in No Country for Old Men, let the news slip during an appearance on ABC’s Nightline.

On the show to promote his involvement in a new documentary about western Sahara refugee camps, things eventually got around to 007. When asked if he would appear in the new film, Bardem had this to say:

"I am very excited, my parents took me to watch the movies, and I saw all of them, and to play that is going to be fun. They chose me to play this man, but I cannot give you many details."

While details would be great, we're just happy to know that Bardem is now officially involved with the film.  [Thanks to MI6]

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