Casting: Harrison Ford in 'Anchorman 2;' Another Original X-Men Joins 'Days of Future Past'

Casting: Harrison Ford in 'Anchorman 2;' Another Original X-Men Joins 'Days of Future Past'

Mar 04, 2013

If we had to guess we'd say few movies this year are going to have a more amusing cast than Anchorman 2. Sure, all of the superhero movies on the horizon are the ones that get people buzzing, and Star Wars will certainly continue to dominate the news cycle with every new rumor, but it's this little picture about the best damned TV news team in San Diego that we're betting has quite a few tricks up its sleeve. One of them was announced today.

Harrison Ford will be playing a seasoned news anchor the casting announcement compares to the great Tom Brokaw. How he fits into the story, however, is being kept under wraps, but honestly we don't even really care. It doesn't matter if Ford is a news anchor idol that Will Ferrell's Ron Burgundy looks up to, or if he's his competition. Whatever the case, seeing Ford get back to flexing his comedy chops is a good thing. Those who want to see him play Han Solo one more time may get their chance with Star Wars Episode VII, but we're happy to see him step away from big adventure films and do something where his age isn't going to be a distraction.

And speaking of playing old characters one more time, Halle Berry has officially joined the cast of Bryan Singer's X-Men: Days of Future Past. She'll be playing the weather-controlling mutant Storm, of course, and joins Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman and Anna Paquin as original X-Men actors back for the time-travelling sequel/prequel.

Berry had been rumored for the film for months, but this is the first confirmation that she's returning. How big or small a part any of these returning characters play is a mystery, though we're guessing that if it took this long to confirm Berry, Storm isn't going to get a ton of screen time. It'll be good to see her back in her leather X-Men suit though, right?

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