Casting: Carol Kane Becomes a Hoarder, Jessica Biel Joins 'The Making of Psycho' & Horror-Comedy 'Hell Baby' Gets a Mommy and Daddy

Casting: Carol Kane Becomes a Hoarder, Jessica Biel Joins 'The Making of Psycho' & Horror-Comedy 'Hell Baby' Gets a Mommy and Daddy

Mar 21, 2012

We still haven't gotten over how utterly depressing and terrible it is that a major TV network features people with extreme hoarding problems for the public to gawk at. (We hope it helps those afflicted with the bizarre condition, at least.) Now comes news from THR that dark comedy Clutter will star awesome funnylady Carol Kane as a compulsive hoarder. Joshua Leonard, Natasha Lyonne and Halley Feiffer play the siblings that have to help mom clean up her overloaded house before she is forced to evacuate it. Maria Dizzia, Daniel London, Dan Hedaya, and Kathy Najimy also star. Filming starts this month, and Kane is a veteran talent that should be perfect for that added quirk — for those of you who prefer your obsessive hoarders extra wacky and fun.

Deadline reports that Jessica Biel has joined the cast of Alfred Hitchcock And The Making Of Psycho — an adaptation of Stephen Rebello's book of the same name. She'll play the second female lead, taking on the part of Lila (originally played by Vera Miles in the 1960 film). The character is the sister of Marion Crane (originally played by Janet Leigh and represented by Scarlett Johansson in the new movie) and suspects something is very wrong with hotel owner Norma Bates (who may be played by James D'Arcy). This was a most-wanted part in Hollywood, and Biel reportedly beat out several other stars for the lead. Lila plays a pivotal role in uncovering Norman's psychosis. Is she the right fit for the part?

Demonic babies apparently never go out of style, and THR reports that Rob Corddry and Leslie Bibb will be playing mommy and daddy to such a devilish creature. They're taking on the roles of expectant parents in Hell Baby who move into a haunted house in New Orleans. (Isn't every house in the Big Easy haunted?) When things get weird, they call on a team of Vatican exorcists to save them from the demonic creature still in the womb. Reno 911! and Night at the Museum writers Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant make their directorial debut on the horror-comedy (they also co-wrote the screenplay and will star in the film as the two exorcists). Fun idea or overdone? Share your thoughts below.


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