Casting: Bateman Returns to Indie Roots, Eric Bana Steals Diamonds, and More

Casting: Bateman Returns to Indie Roots, Eric Bana Steals Diamonds, and More

Sep 27, 2011

actor Brian GeraghtyReady for another trip on the casting merry-go-round? Read on for the latest.

Not too long ago, we brought you the news that Kelly Reilly was set to join Denzel Washington in Robert Zemeckis’ upcoming film Flight. Today, we’ve learned that actor Brian Geraghty will also be taking the trip in the Zemeckis’ latest – the director's first live action film since Cast Away.

THR says the actor, who is best known for his work in The Hurt Locker, will play Washington’s co-pilot in the drama about an airline captain who lands a crippled plane, saving 98 of the 106 passengers onboard. Hailed as a hero, Washington watches as public opinion soon turns as an investigation into the accident reveals that his questionable behavior from the night before may have been a contributing factor. Sources say Washington and crew may be joined by Don Cheadle and Bruce Greenwood.

Actor Eric Bana is set to headline the diamond heist thriller Brilliant according to Variety. The actor will play a small time criminal who joins a group of expert thieves in a diamond heist. Legally Blonde director Robert Luketic will helm.

ComingSoon brings us the latest on Joseph Kosinski’s next project, stating that actress Jessica Chastain has landed the female lead role in the untitled (formerly known as Oblivion and Horizons) feature.

Tom Cruise will headline the film, which is based on Kosinski’s comic book series – which takes place in a future where humanity is forced to live and work on an irradiated Earth. Cruise plays Jak, a maintenance worker on the planet’s surface. When he and his coworker Vika discover a crashed ship containing a woman, it raises more questions than it answers. No word yet on whether Chastain will play Vika or Julia (the woman in the ship), but we’ll keep you posted.

Variety has the exclusive scoop on Jason Bateman’s latest – which sees the actor getting back to his indie film roots.

The thesp has two new films in the works, including The Longest Week (where he’ll co-star with Olivia Wilde) and Disconnect.

According to the site, The Longest Week finds Bateman living the pampered life in his parent’s prestigious Manhattan hotel. That all changes in the span of seven days, when he finds himself evicted, cut out of his inheritance, and in love. We bet hilarious hijinks follow.

Disconnect, meanwhile, finds the actor as part of an ensemble cast in a film chronicling how the Internet and other forms of modern communication affect – and sometimes destroy – lives. Being an Internet site, we here at promise to never affect (at least not in a negative way) or destroy your life. Scout’s honor.

Bateman will be joined by Alexander Skarsgard, Frank Grillo, Andrea Riseborough, Colin Ford and Michael Nyqvist.

The actor plans to shoot both films back to back during October and November, which sounds incredibly ambitious, but since Bateman has a lot of projects on his schedule, might be the only way he can actually appear in both titles. 

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