Casting: Another Bond Girl Joins 'Skyfall,' Plus Meet John McClane's Newest 'Die Hard' Villains and More

Casting: Another Bond Girl Joins 'Skyfall,' Plus Meet John McClane's Newest 'Die Hard' Villains and More

Apr 05, 2012

Actor Sebastian Koch'Die Hard 5' Villains: It’s A Good Day to Die Hard in our latest casting update, which features news about Bruce Willis’ latest, James Bond’s newest girlfriend, and new gigs for Liam Neeson and Olivia Wilde.

John McClane is set to take his Roy Rogers act to Russia in the upcoming A Good Day to Die Hard and we’ve got the latest info on who he’ll be squaring off against in the fifth film in the long-running franchise.

According to Variety, the new film’s villains will be played by Sebastian Koch and Yulian Snigir. If the duo aren’t familiar to you, it’s because they’re not exactly household names here in America. This film might change that.

Koch is a German actor best known for appearing in the Oscar winner The Lives of Others. Snigir, meanwhile, is a new actress who only took up the craft in 2006. The duo will be playing characters Komorov and Irina in the new feature, which finds Willis headed to Russia to rescue his son (Jai Courtney) from prison. While there, he uncovers a terrorist plot in need of foiling. That sounds about right – but the big question is this: will Koch and Snigir be great villains in the vein of Alan Rickman or will they be more like Live Free or Die Hard’s Timothy Olyphant? We’re hoping for the former.

Here's Another Bond Girl: Bond blog MI6 has all the latest on the upcoming 007 adventure, Skyfall, and they’ve given us a look at the super-agent’s new main squeeze.

Actress Tonia Sotiropoulou took to Facebook to announce the news, posting “Dear friends I officially announce I got a part in new J. Bond film!!! Turkey here I come! Thank U all for your love and support! This is officially the happiest day of my life bitches!!!”

Sotiropoulou will film her scenes in Istanbul starting on April 22nd. Swing by MI6 for more info and some photos, but scope out one below.

The Next Crash? Paul Haggis is hard at work on his next film, a feature entitled Third Person, and the director has revealed several cast members.

Haggis tells Vulture that the film is “about three story lines, three love stories, three relationships in three different cities that combine in a very odd way: New York, Paris, Rome.” One of the main characters will be played by Liam Neeson and he’s involved in a relationship with a party reporter played by Olivia Wilde. That party reporter bit had writers from the New York Post in full-on speculation mode recently, but Haggis assures Vulture that the nightlife coverage angle has very little to do with the film’s plotline.

As for that plotline, he’s not revealing much more than what we’ve shared above – but we’ll keep you posted as more details about Third Person emerge.

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